Firearms and Accessories Sales

Texas FFL LLC is a federal firearms licensee, authorized by the ATF as a dealer in firearms, ammunition and accessories.  Charlie is able to serve customers who buy from him by appointment, at gun shows or online through manufacturers, distributors and other authorized FFL licensees across the country.  Firearms may be ordered through him from individuals seeking specific guns available either on the internet or from manufacturers.  When ordering online or from other dealers, Charlie is able to provide Transfer services for a small fee.  Firearms may not be mailed or delivered direct to individuals without proper identification and background check performed by an authorized FFL.

NICS background checks are required for all individuals purchasing firearms, with the exception of Texas LTC licensees with a current license.

Take a look at the current inventory of firearms for sale in the attached tabs or let us know if you want to order a specific firearm and we will help with that effort.  Contact Charlie directly for details.